Korg SV-2S 73

Marque : Korg Modèle : SV273S

Korg SV-2S 73

Marque : Korg Modèle : SV273S
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Clavier Korg SV-2S 73

Description du manufacturier :
KeyboardKeyboardSV-2 /SV-2S (73key)73 keys (E1 to E7), Velocity-sensitive KORG RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)SV-2 /SV-2S (88key)88 keys (A0 to C8), Velocity-sensitive KORG RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3)
Touch selectionEight curvesTuningMaster Transpose, Master Tune, Tuning curves
SoundsSound generationEDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – eXpanded)Maximum Polyphony128 notesMulti SoundLayer, SplitFactory Sounds72 (6 Basic sounds x 2 sets, 6 variations)EP1 (Vintage)MK I Suitcase, MK I Stage, MK II Suitcase, MK II Stage, MK V Stage, MK V Bright, Dyno EP, Dyno EP Bright, Wurly, Wurly Classic, Wurly Dark, Wurly BrightEP2 (Various)FM Piano 1, FM Piano 2, FM Piano 3, FM Piano & Pad, Pianet T, Pianet N, Hybrid Piano, Hybrid Tine, Wurly & Strings, FM & Strings, MK II & Pad, FM & PadPiano 1 (Acoustic)German Grand, German Classic, Italian Grand, Italian Bright, Japanese Grand, Japanese Bright, Austrian Grand, Austrian Classic, Japanese Upright, Upright Bright, German Upright, Rock PianoPiano 2 (Various)Electric Grand, German Mono, KORG M1 Piano, KORG SG-1D, Digital Piano, Electra Piano, Tack Piano, Honky-Tonk, Piano & Strings, Piano & Pad, Piano & Synth, Piano & BrassClavierClav AC, Clav AD, Clav BC, Clav BD, Harpsichord, Harpsichord Oct, Perc. Organ, Rock Organ, Jazz Organ, VOX Organ, Church Organ, Pipe OrganOtherFull Strings, Classic Strings, Tape Strings, Strings & Voices, Warm Pad, Bright Pad, Orchestra, Pizzicato & Glock, Brass, Synth Brass, Pad/Mini Lead, Pad/SynthLeadFavorite sounds64 (8 banks x 8 variations) for saving of customized settings
Amplification (SV-2S)Speakers2 x 2.5″ with 2 x 3″ passive radiatorAmplification power2 x 15 W

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